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If you live in the Los Angeles or Inglewood area and you are thinking of selling your home, you can start here. 
Better Way of Living
You do not Have to be An Investor to Flip Over Properties

Welcome to the Neighborhood

This classic tranditional house is for rent ​​

This 1924 South Los Angeles house is for rent ​​
The Home For All Ages


  1. Add cool and bright colors
    Add cool and bright colors
    This design element states I am home now
  2. Cream, Tan and Taupe
    Cream, Tan and Taupe
    After a long day of work, be free
  3. Master Bedroom Retreat
    Master Bedroom Retreat
    With a little space you can make this happen
  4. Young and Experience All Around
    Diversity in Los Angeles and Inglewood
  5. Kitchen Style
    Kitchen Style
    Be like me, get to know your neighbors. They may have a lemon tree
  6. The Former Forum
    The Former Forum
    Inglewood's Entertainment Complex is now Red Hot
Robert Pitts Estates

A Full Service Brokerage

  • As an Inglewood Ca Realtor and Real Estate Agent I will Initiate marketing activities, calls, emails, online postings, face-to-face meetings, designed to prospect for new customers.
  • I will get your escrow open and I will get your escrow closed. 
  • Consult with clients in order to discover their property desires
  • Help clients choose mortgage options that meet their needs if they need to re finance
  • Participate in open houses, networking activities, and MLS to enhance your leases; present leasing offers to landlord
  • Have an understanding of percentages, basic finances, and other simple math concepts
  • Efficient in administration and clerical skills to manage files and records; have basic computer skills
  • Real Estate and Business Ethics and a Graduate of Reality Institute
  • Verbal and written communication skills, multi-tasking ability, creativity
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Possession of Sales and Marketing skills in order to sell and lease effectively
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100 S Market Street Inglewood CA
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If you got any questions, please do not hesitate to send ME a message. We reply within 24 hours !
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